Knowledge LINK

Unprecedented gain in advancing human development in recent decades came largely from technological breakthroughs, for new technologies including Information and Communication technology (ICT) have led to healthier lives, greater social freedom, increased knowledge and more productive livelihoods.

More than 60 percent of India’s population lives in rural areas. Opportunities for rural people to participate in socio - economic growth are severely curtailed because of lack of access to information, and more importantly access to timely information. K-Link is dedicated to bringing the benefits of new technologies to common man by simplifying it, with a special focus on meeting the challenges of rural development. K-Link focuses on current and emerging technologies that respond to the needs of rural curtailed masses.

Every community needs the capacity to understand and adapt technologies for local need. The initiatives of K-Link Foundation have not only created an information environment amongst targeted communities, but also played a vital role in forging and shaping new public policies to lead the revolution in information and Communication technology in the direction of development across India.

Since 2001 with different institutional format, K-Link Foundation came out with Innovative and grass root user friendly ICT interventions to support the marginal and curtailed community.