Pond Level Support System

Project Objective :

To empower Fisher folks of the region.
To Improve socio-Economy condition of the community.

Project Region & Geographic Coverage :

All villages of Tikamgadh & Chhatarpur District of Madhya Pradesh (Bundelkhand Region)

Project Duration : 8 Months (2007)

Project Partner : Oxfam, India & Vikalp

Project Description :

With poor infrastructure and lower socio economy profile Bundelkhand region is spread at UP and MP border. Madhya Pradesh government has provided pond to fishing community for livelihood on lease. But, Unempowered and illiterate fishing community was not able to get benefit of it.

The partnership took place between Oxfam, India and K-link to address the challenge. K-Link has trained local youth as enumenrators to Map out 2400 ponds of 2 district. The objective is to create baseline for the long term intervention.

Team of 30 enumerators are identified and trained from the fishing community youth and 2400 ponds of 2 districts are mapped with spatial and non-spatial data.

Project Outcome :

94,000 Households and around 6,00,000 fisher folks of the region are benefited through this intervention. The exercise has enabled community for collective marketing of fish and enhanced sociao-economy condition of the poor fisher folks.