Craft Process Management System

Project Objective :

To Computerize Raw Material to finished good Process.
To Preserve Rare Designs.
To Monitor Department Wise Process time.
To Make Inventory System more efficient.

Project Partner : SHRUJAN

Project Region & Geographic Coverage : Kachchh District

Project Duration : 2017-2018

Project Description :

Kutch is home to a number of different communities and tribal groups, Hindu, Muslim, and Jain who have a long history of tolerance and peaceful coexistence. More then 30,000 Women Craft Artists are associated with Shrujan and became self-sustained financially.

The need realized to preserve and computerize the craft process and information for sustainability and inheritance. To add value to the initiative, K-Link Foundation and SHRUJAN, are implementing project “Craft Process Management System - CPMS”. From Raw Material to Finished good, all departments will be automated.

Project Outcome :

Sensitized society towards Rural Cultural Heritage :
Preserving Rural Heritage and wealth of craft of Community :
Improved Socio Economy of Local Rural Artisans :