Data Digitization of Milk Pourers

Project Objective :

Speedy, Relieable and Accurate Billing & Payment Process

Project Region & Geographic Coverage :

       Almost Entire Kachchh District of Gujarat State.

Project Duration : 6 Years (2005 to 2010 Approx)

Project Partner :  NDDB (Mother Dairy, kachchh)

Project Description :

       Kachchh is the largest district of India where Milk porures are spread across district and scattered also. Due to lack of technical infrastructure at rural area, the need of digitize Milk procurement data centralize to enable speedy, reliable and accurate payment and Bill process.

       Almost 10,000 Milk pourers data of Morning and evening is receieved at K-Link office and punched into the MPS software. Every 10 day cycle, Bill process exercise conducted to calculate payment amount to each Pourer.

       K-Link came out as a central hub for Milk poreres data management. Trained team of local Data punching operators along with team leader have excuted this program for 5 years with the support of Kutch Dairy (Mother Dairy, Kutch). The project team of K-Link has executed this exercise with “Zero Error” and without a single day delay in payment process.

Project Outcome :

       10,000 pourers are benefited with this exercise. Every month around 4,00,00,000/- Rs (4 Crore) payment made by Dairy based on the data managed by K-Link.