Setu Information Management System

Project Objective :

To facilitate government aid to the coverage area.
To Implement post-earthquake development work in the region.

Project Region & Geographic Coverage :380 villages of 5 bloks of Kachchh - Gujarat.

Project Duration : 18 Months (Feb’02 to Aug’03)

Project Partner : Setu – KNNA.

Project Description :

Kachchh is the disaster prone area. Apart from Earthquake and Cyclone, Drought is the fewquent disaster for the region. It was needed to create databank of 380 most vulnerable villages of Kachchh to facilitate aid and support to the affected people.

K-link has played a vitol role in designing data collection tool with support of domain expert. Household and village level (Istitute and Infrastructure) data of 380 villages are captured from door to door in standerd software and incorporated in software application SIMS.

Project Outcome :

38,500 Households of 380 villages of 5 district are benefited. After massive earthquake more than 300 NGOs and government agencies have accesed the information for various project implementation.